Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I forgot my key(s) in the flat. What should I do?
  2. Will the credit information of an applicant be checked?
    • Yes.
  3. Where do I return the keys when moving out?
    • All keys (including the key to the car heating post) must be left in the flat.
  4. When will I get back the lease deposit?
    • The lease deposit will be returned to the tenant within one month of termination of agreement provided that he/she has fullfilled all the obligations stated in the rental agreement.
  5. How long is the lease termination notice?
    • The period of notice of a rental agreement is one (1) calendar month. It will be considered begun at the end of the month during which the tenant has served the lease termination notice and reported it to the building management office.
  6. How do I serve termination on my rental agreement?
    • By delivering a termination of agreement in writing to the building management office. You will find the correct form on this website.
  7. Is indoor smoking allowed?
    • Smoking is not allowed indoors.
  8. The walls of flat need renovation, can I paper or paint them myself?
    • The tenant may not paper the walls. Contact your technical building manager about the need for painting to be given further instructions and information on proper procedurals.
  9. The kitchen faucet is dripping, who will help me to fix it?
  10. Can I install a satellite dish for sky channels?
    • Yes you can, as long as the satellite dish is placed within you own living area. In practise the place for it is inside the balcony.
  11. What kind of digital television adapter should I acquire or what kind digital TV works in my flat?
    • Real-estates of Joensuun Kodit Oy are primarily connected to Elisa's cable network. The network covers real-estates of the city area, which are the city centre, Niinivaara, Penttilä, Hukanhauta, Karsikko, Mutala, Rantakylä, Utra, Noljakka, and Marjala. If you live in one these areas, you should acquire a C-type digital TV adapter/a TV equipped with a C-type adapter.

      If you live on/in Kartanotie 4, Heinävaara, Kiihtelysvaara, Huhtilampi, Uskali, Tuupovaara or Kovero, you live in an area using a traditional yagi-antenna and should therefore acquirea T-type digital TV adapter/a TV equipped with a T-type adapter.

  12. Can I keep pets in the flat?
    • Yes you can.
  13. My neighbour is disturbing me, what should I do?
    • Call the police if necessary. It is wise to report the disturbance in writing to our housing advisor or e-mail
  14. Can I use a grill in the balcony?
    • Using a grill and making open fire in the balcony is prohibited.
  15. How do I reserve a sauna turn?
  16. Where do I get the key for car heating post?
  17. Where do I reserve a parking space?
  18. Where do I get keys to the flat?
    • House maintenance will give them to you in return for the rental agreement.
  19. How much is the lease deposit?
    • The lease deposit is equal to one month's rent.
  20. Can I see my future flat?
    • Often the tenant moving out is still living in the flat. You can arrange the show of flat with him/her. If the flat is empty, house maintenance will show it to you.