House Regulations

Joensuun Kodit Oy House Regulations

These regulations apply to both blocks of flats and terraced houses. However, items 1, 4, and 6 do not apply to terraced houses.

In addition to the content of general laws, orders and rental agreements, housing company regulations, decisions of the Annual General Meeting and the legislation on housing companies, the tenants must notify also the following regulations:

1. The outer doors will be locked during night time 20.00-07.00. Leaving the door unlocked during this time will result in answerability to the regulations’ violator.

2. Playing a musical a musical instrument, singing and any other disturbing activities are prohibited during 22.00–08.00. In the event of family party musical activities are allowed later in the night. However, the tenant needs to inform the closest neighbours or the building manager of the subject matter in good time.

3. Dusting carpets, which is allowed in the yard but absolutely prohibited indoors, in staircases or balconies, is allowed on weekdays during 08-20.00. Dusting bed linen is allowed in the balcony on weekdays during 08.00-20.00. It is important to keep the door to the staircase shut when using the balcony. The tenant must tidy up the balcony after use.

4. In addition to tidiness of the staircase, it is also worth noting that:

- rooms and hallways must not be ventilated to the staircase
- clothing must not be dusted or brushed in the staircase
- dogs and cats must not be let in the staircase without supervision
- unnecessary dwelling and children’s games are prohibited
- shoes must be wiped clean when moving in the stairs and unnecessary noise must be avoided
-sports and other equipment must not be stored in the hallway

5. Requirements for a clean yard are:

-that kitchen and other waste must be taken to specific waste collection units
-that each tenant keeps his/her balcony clean and tidy
-that bed linen is not dusted/aired from windows
-that the yard is not used as a storage space without permission from the building manager.

6. Use of open flame in the cellar and in the attic, opening of fire hatches and leaving windows open are prohibited at the risk of responsibility. The public facilities must not be used as storage.

7. Smoking is prohibited in all shared facilities such as staircases, laundry rooms, storage rooms, sauna facilities etc.

8. The tenant(s) must report a non-attendance longer than a week to the building manager or the house maintenance due to risk of fire and/or maintenance works of water ducts, heating and electric wires etc.

9.It is allowed to wash small quantities of laundry in the flat with a properly installed washing machine. The laundry room and the drying facilities are at tenants’ disposal according to the booking list. We recommend avoiding drying laundry in the bath room due to possible moisture inconveniences.

10. Joensuun Kodit Oy will seek full compensation from the tenant for destroyed constructions of the building, broken windows, scratches on walls and any other damage to the flat. The tenant must report water pipe and other leaks immediately to the building manager or house maintenance to avoid compensation for damage.

11. Attaching stickers of any kind on doors or walls is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised wallpapering or painting is prohibited without a permission requested from the building manager.

12. Installing a peephole and door chain is allowed only if the tenant agrees to leave them in place at the time of a possible removal. The same rule applies to floral plates and venetian blinds.

13. Use of motor vehicles and related parking in prohibited with the exception of obligatory service access.

14. Keeping dogs, cats and other domestic animals loose is prohibited everywhere in the area of the housing company. The animals must be connected to a leash when taken out.