Application Form

You can print the application form:

You can submit it electronically here.

ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS (to be presented upon request)


  • working persons: a payslip or a the latest wage slip/bank statement
  • pensioners: documentation of the amount of gross pension
  • unemployed persons: documentation of the latest received daily allowance or labour market subsidy
  • entrepreneurs: the latest profit and loss statement, balance sheet and entrepreneur’s declaration of income filled by a bookkeeper
  • persons on maternity leave/home care subsidy: documentation of the latest received payment/a copy of the formal/copy of the formal decision
  • persons on rehabilitation: documentation of the latest received payment or copy of the formal decision.

Tax Information:

  • all applicants over 18 years of age must present copies of decision on tax assessment and analysis of the prefilled tax form of the most recent taxation 


  • proof of right to study 


  • conscript certificate or copy of recruitment 


  • If the applicant owns an owner-occupied flat, a real-estate or part of one, he/she must present a declaration of the current value and the amount of possible debts. If the property has been given up, the applicant must present clarification of his/her net assets 

Termination of Rental Agreement/Eviction:

  • a copy of the notice of termination in writing/court decision 

A Fixed-Term Rental Agreement:

  • a copy of the rental agreement 


  • a copy of the judgement for divorce or proof of divorce pendency 


  • clarification of place of residence and reasons for homelessness 

Minors Under 18 Years of Age

  • Approval of Care Taker and Date of 

Other Supplements:

  • Proof of Pregnancy
  • A Doctor Statement (if circumstances of health have an impact on need of flat) 
  • Alimony Paid by the Applicant 
  • Amount of State Guaranteed Study Loan
  • Residence permit