Tenant Billing Price List


The price list enables a quicker handling of lease deposits when the tenant is moving out. It is no longer necessary to wait for bills of repairers or suppliers as we can handle possible payments by charging them from the deposit immediately.

New tenants will be provided with information on possible payments deducted from the deposit in connection with entrance into a lease and will thus become aware of the importance of taking good care of the flat.

The tenant will be charged compensation according to the list below in case he/she has caused any damage or mishandled the flat. The price list corresponds to average expenses.

Tenant billing price list (print here)


Keys and Locks  
Lock Serialization (Price per flat)  
Abloy Classic 120 €
Abloy Ura 150 €
Abloy Exec and Sento 200 €
Classic key 10 €
Ura key 20 €
Exec and sento key 35 €
Abloy CliQ key 45 €
Electronic key card 30 €
Cleaning of Flat  
Cleaning of windows/per window 20 €
Cleaning/Defrosting of Fridge or Freezer (per time) 35 €
Cleaning of Stove/Oven/Range Hood (per time) 35 €
Cleaning of Toilet Seat or Washbasin (per time) 35 €
Cleaning of Toilet/Bathroom (per time) 70 €
Cleaning of Kitchen 70 €
Cleaning of studio 200 €
Cleaning of two-room flat 250 €
Cleaning of three-room flat 300 €
Cleaning of four-room flat 350 €
Hourly charge for cleaning 35 €
Minimal Charge for Emptying (e.g. emptying the storage space or taking furniture away from flat) 150 €
Flat Repairs  
Renewal of Interior Door (frame separately) 100 €
Other flat repairs charged separately  
Fixtures/Equipment With Installation  
Dishwasher Cabinet 250 €
Laundry Basket 50 €
Shower Curtain Rod 30 €
Mirror for Toilet 120 €
Hallway Coat Rack 100 €
Bathroom Cabinet (with mirror) 250 €
Kitchen Cabinet Door 130 €
Cupboard Door 150 €
HVAC-Appliances With Installation  
Radiator Thermostat 70 €
Toilet Seat 500 €
Toilet Cistern 250 €
Wash Basin 220 €
Plugging of Dishwasher 40 €
Light Switch/Cover of Electric or Lamp Wiring Socket/per Item 50 €
Change of Fuse (inc. fuse) 40 €
Change of Light Bulb (inc. bulb) 40 €
Unnecessary Check of Digital Television Adapter or Computer Network (Failure in Customer's Appliance) 70 €
Unclogging the drain 40 €
Household Appliances With Installation  
Fridge 500 €
Stove 350 €
Opening the door  
Mon-Fri from 7a.m. to 4 p.m. 10 €
Outside office hours and on public holidays 30 €
The customer will be charged the full cost of renovation due to smoking inside.  

Other expenses will be charged separately. Joensuun Kodit Oy reserves the right to price adjustments.

Valid from December 1st 2015.