Rewarding long-term residents

Long Term Residents Are Valuable
Joensuun Kodit Oy rewards long-term residents. The board of directors decided to introduce a residential rewarding system that rewards over 10 year’s residence on 15.12.2009.

Prerequisites of Rewarding
You can be rewarded when you have lived in a particular flat owned by Joensuun Kodit Oy for more than 10 years. Since the customer relationship in question is a successful one, your occupying and taking care of the flat is required to have been  faultless in order to be rewarded. Rewarding is not possible if your housing target is about to be renovated or it has been renovated recently.

Advantages of rewarding
Rewarding means that after 10 year’s residence you get a rewarding product that improves living comfort in your home. The list of such products is below. The rewarding product is always an integral part of the flat and must be left in the flat when moving out. As Joensuun Kodit Oy follows the principle of sustainable development, the idea of rewarding is not to replace good conditioned products with new ones. Consequently, if the rewarding product replaces an already existing. 

The Value of Reward
The value of the reward product per household is equal to one month’s rental payment.

After having resided the period of time that entitles to the rewarding product, you can contact your building manager. The administrative building manager will be your contact person in the proceeding. An agreement of the rewarding procedure is always made in writing between the tenants and the owner of the flat. Your contact person will order the rewarding product for you after the agreement has been made.



Product Method of Implementation
Painting walls of rooms or kitchen Cleaning and fixing of the surfaces if necessary, dual layered painting with temperate, appropriate colour.
Sink and/or working surface Renewal of sink and/or working surface in kitchen
Interior doors Renewal of interior doors.
Venetian blinds Renewal of Venetian blinds.
Bathroom fittings Renewal toilet bowl, mirror cupboard or basin.
Comprehensive cleaning A comprehensive cleaning will be carried out in the flat. Such a cleaning covers a thorough wash of the floor and possible waxing, wash of all window surfaces, wiping of walls and ceiling and removing stains. Bathroom walls and floor will also be washed.

All procedures and selection of product models and materials must be discussed with the contact person.